Friday, January 27, 2012

Work at home: Online earnings

  Hello to all, I would like to introduce you with world largest social outsourcing market place. I am working in this site since 2009. For my good rating, they appointed me country representative for their site. So, I can ensure you that you can trust this site for getting work, legit also payment.
Who can work :  
*Any one can get jobs (technical and non-technical people)
*It is world largest web site, you can check alexa rank also google page rank for this site
Types of work:
·        You can sell facebook friends, facebook fans, facebook id, facebook groups
·        You can sell twitter accounts , followers.
·        You can sell any types of social sites status link, and social network
·        You also be social sites virtual assistant for big company for updating their social status.
·        You also get different types of jobs like as youtube video download, upload, views, comments, also programming for social network sites
·        You will not face any bid or complex situation
·        It is very flexible to withdraw money from this site .
·        You can use master card, bank check, credit card and also PAYPAL( paypal is coming in BD. Hopefully we get it September 2012)

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