Tuesday, January 31, 2012

University of queensland :: Step By Step

I would like to introduce with world top ranked university . this is university of queensland. I am going to tell total visa process before studding in university of queensland
A student may visit their web site for selecting his or her desire subject. There are hundreds of course related with  different subjects. There are 2 semester in this university. It may take 1  weeks for getting offer letter after sending application papers. It also take more than 4 weeks for approving offer letter.
After approving offer letter , you have send tution fees and OSHC to this university. Then you get a received confirmation of enrolment (COE). Then you have  to ledge your paper to visa office in your country, it may take 8 or 12 weeks for getting final decision. Then you may get receive medical letter from visa office . finally, after submitting medial report , you get visa and you have to book air ticket and fly to Australia   , university of queensland is waiting for you, if you are eligible, I would like to highly suggest you for selecting university of queensland as your dream making institutes
No more today , see you soon , hope you will get visa soon  

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