Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Education in Australia

Australia is world top listed country. So people are intending to get Australian degree. If you see visa office, you can easily understand that there are thousand of people waiting to submit their paper for getting visa. Today, I am going to tell about why Australia is best in the side of education.
Australia has practical- oriented education system. If you see Australian university like university of queensland , deakin university, you will see that their course designed as practical based. They are providing 50% theoretical, also 50% practical. All Australian universities, collages, schools are providing practical education.
One of the major key features for Australian university is excellent teaching. all Australian institutes  have excellent and experience faculty. They are trying to provide quality education.
Innovative and recognized course, it is great feature for Australian universities, colleges and schools , they are trying to provide recognized course also trying to provide innovative course,
All Australian institutes, trying to provide world class facilities. For this reason, they are updating their teaching method with present time
Many Australian institutes are trying to provide extensive and intensive support for their students and stuffs
First class careers advice and collaboration with industry, is another key feature for Australian institutes
After all , I would like to sum ups all things, I can say that Australia is the best place for quality education. Please make sure that you are ready for study in Australia as well as in deakin university

University of queensland :: Step By Step

I would like to introduce with world top ranked university . this is university of queensland. I am going to tell total visa process before studding in university of queensland
A student may visit their web site for selecting his or her desire subject. There are hundreds of course related with  different subjects. There are 2 semester in this university. It may take 1  weeks for getting offer letter after sending application papers. It also take more than 4 weeks for approving offer letter.
After approving offer letter , you have send tution fees and OSHC to this university. Then you get a received confirmation of enrolment (COE). Then you have  to ledge your paper to visa office in your country, it may take 8 or 12 weeks for getting final decision. Then you may get receive medical letter from visa office . finally, after submitting medial report , you get visa and you have to book air ticket and fly to Australia   , university of queensland is waiting for you, if you are eligible, I would like to highly suggest you for selecting university of queensland as your dream making institutes
No more today , see you soon , hope you will get visa soon  

Friday, January 27, 2012

Work at home: Online earnings

  Hello to all, I would like to introduce you with world largest social outsourcing market place. I am working in this site since 2009. For my good rating, they appointed me country representative for their site. So, I can ensure you that you can trust this site for getting work, legit also payment.
Who can work :  
*Any one can get jobs (technical and non-technical people)
*It is world largest web site, you can check alexa rank also google page rank for this site
Types of work:
·        You can sell facebook friends, facebook fans, facebook id, facebook groups
·        You can sell twitter accounts , followers.
·        You can sell any types of social sites status link, and social network
·        You also be social sites virtual assistant for big company for updating their social status.
·        You also get different types of jobs like as youtube video download, upload, views, comments, also programming for social network sites
·        You will not face any bid or complex situation
·        It is very flexible to withdraw money from this site .
·        You can use master card, bank check, credit card and also PAYPAL( paypal is coming in BD. Hopefully we get it September 2012)

IUBAT –foundation program 2012

It is very much glad to all iubat students that they are reading a good and top ranked private university in Bangladesh. It is the first non-government university in Bangladesh. They are growing very frequently. There are approximately 9000 students. they are celebrating foundation program on 10th January . They are arranging different cultural program as well as many program like debate competition, programming completion , gaming completion , etc.
There are more than 20 seminar held in IUBAT .
There are also arrange a workshop based on Student visa 
I talked with many students and they are very happy to be and IUBATIAN 

Friday, January 20, 2012

percentage error

Percentage error

, it is a special kind of error, we know that there are three types of error.
They are 1.absolute error, 2.relative error, and 3.percentage error.
Basically, percentage error depends on above 2 error, if we would like to calculate it.

For finding percentage error, it is 100 times of relative error. Equation goes to Ep=100*Er
How can we calculate percentage error?
We already mentain that we have to calculate absolute error and relative error first for calculating percentage error.
1st step:
 we have to calculate absolute error first. Equation for absolute error is ,
 Ea=X-X1=  I X-X1 I       Here, X is true value and X1 is approximation value
 2nd step:
After finding absolute error , we have to find relative error. The equation for relative error is,
 Er=Ea/X Here, X is true value

3rd step:
Now we may able to calculate percentage error, because we already found absolute error and relative error. These value is relavant with percentage errors. The equation for percentage error is ,
 Ep=100* Er Finally, we would like to say that it is easy to calculate percentage error. But it takes some time to get appropiate values. We have to be patient when we would like to do this type of matematics.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best ladies T-shirt 2012

We are very much glad to inform you that we are highlighting a great design for ladies.
it is very simple but very much attractive to all,. any age girls can use this T-shirt. we are focusing 14 to 28 years girls for this t-shirt. we thought it must preferable for these girls .
Now i would like to give thanks to nil. she made this design. she omitted with us that she will design this type of design gradually . So, thanks to you again .
Requirements  :
According to designer , this shirts needs some works in front of front side for better looking .
you have to use pure cotton cloths for better out look
you also use different color variation for outer look.
you have to  .
any age girls can use this Best Ladies  T-shirt design 2012.

Finally , i would like to say that it is our free concern. we are working for people who wants to different design . all design must free to all. we are      
                                                                                    student organization .


Best T-shirt 2012

hello, i am going to introduce with you best t-shirt collection in 2012. we have collected these type of design from BIFT student .
it is our free service for all, any one can collect and any one can use this design. we will be glad to know or hear, if you use this type of design for your industries, be connected with us , we will supply best t-shirt collection as early as possible .

if you need master collection of this t-shirt design, please free to contact with us ,
we will supply master collection of this  best t-shirt 2012 .

Another things , you can use  this t-shirt for man, children or boys,
it means that you can make small, medium , or large T-shirt from this design.

1. Pure cotton
2. Red or Pink cloths
3. Pink cotton.
4. Marbling button

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sample survey format in the firld of freelancing

freelancing is very much common in the world, people are not looking jobs office to office , they are doing their jobs via online,
for this reason , i made a sample of freelancing survey.
if you need more, i will provide survey gradually

Topic Name: Which variables effect more on the field of Freelancing in Bangladesh.
E-mail Address:
1. Which market place are you working?
.How many days it take for getting first jobs?
3. How many hours you work for ongoing project?
(N.B: please mark check box for your desiring answer)
4.Your speaking, writing , listening and reading level in English is :
Ans:  1.Excellent           2. Good              3. Average          4. Poor
6.Did you complete any professional course regarding your job sector?
Ans:   1.Yes                  2. No

7. are you satisfied with IT Infrastructure in Bangladesh?

Ans: 1. Yes                 2. No   
8.In Bangladesh , price of bandwidth is bit high  from others country:
Ans: 1. Agree            2. Disagree               3. No comment
9.What is your payment method for getting money form marketplace?
Ans: 1. Paypal          2. Moneybookers          3. MasterCard          4. Check
10. Should government change foreign currency transaction rules as early as possible?
Ans: 1. Yes                   2. No
11. In Bangladesh, Technical or training center is not enough, what is your opinion regarding this issue?
Ans: 1. Agree             2. Disagree   

How can i be good student??

it is good question to me that how can i be a good or ideal student . there is no any idea that i can be a good student in a night. but there are some rules for making our self to be modest .
i am going to discussion in the view of my opinion. please do not make it complex.

you have to love your family, it is key point to make you modest. think this way that you have to give good
output to your family. so be wise , make your time fertile.

Try to read regularly, it is another key point to make your self as ideal student. do not put your home work or study material for next day. do it as per as you can.

Be active , it is very important for an ideal student. be very much active , always make your self up to date , always collect study material form internet. always collect class notes and solve this things as early as possible .

finally , do hard work, it is the main point for making your self as ideal student .
okey, no more today, i will tell this type of things more deeply also informatively later on.


Number: Easy classification

There are 2 types of number in real world.
one is exact number and another is approximate number.
for exact number : 1 , 2 , 3, 4.
For approximate number : 3.146

We also consider significant digits or figures for number , the digits that are used to express a number called significant digits.
like as the number 3.1416

Statistic : all things about statistic

what is statistic? it is very much to us to know it as a university student, whatever we are coming form computer science or others department,
in a word , i would like to say that statistics means counting process.
statistics has four things to know.
like as collection , organization, analysis, interpretation.
so, i think you are bit clear regarding this issues.
in other words, statistics is a numerical facts. for example : Heights, weights, GDP.

Finally , i would like to say that statistic is a mathematical branch from where or in which we collect information, collection and orgaization , presentation , analysis, and finally we  inter-prate our result

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