Sunday, January 15, 2012

How can i be good student??

it is good question to me that how can i be a good or ideal student . there is no any idea that i can be a good student in a night. but there are some rules for making our self to be modest .
i am going to discussion in the view of my opinion. please do not make it complex.

you have to love your family, it is key point to make you modest. think this way that you have to give good
output to your family. so be wise , make your time fertile.

Try to read regularly, it is another key point to make your self as ideal student. do not put your home work or study material for next day. do it as per as you can.

Be active , it is very important for an ideal student. be very much active , always make your self up to date , always collect study material form internet. always collect class notes and solve this things as early as possible .

finally , do hard work, it is the main point for making your self as ideal student .
okey, no more today, i will tell this type of things more deeply also informatively later on.


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