Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coffee: i am coffee lovers

it should consider to me that i am coffee lover rather than tea. i used to take 4 cups of coffee in a day, but in exam period, the numbers of cup might increase , because i have a superstition that  a sound cup of coffee might release my stress as well as my frustration . for this reason , i used to collect different coffee bees. last year, i went to Chittagong. i visited a well reputed coffee shop and i found that they are using
coffee machines cork. i was surprised to see this machines . this machines was very new to me . i talked with them regarding coffee machines cork. they told that this machines used to mixer coffee like as natural way. it is time consuming and easy to operate. but price is little bit high rather than other machines.
finally i tried to learn some common use of this machines . now i am dreaming that one day i will buy this machines for our family use . i told my mom, regarding this machines , she also want to get this machines . because we are all coffee lovers in our family