Saturday, June 23, 2012 changed my life: Thanks to

I am going to share a story of a middle class family in Bangladesh. There are consisting of 5 members in this family. I am elder son of that family. My father was working in Saudi Arabia as worker category. He was only earning person in my family. I was reading a private university in Dhaka. My younger sister read in class 8 and younger brother read in class.
It was 2010: my father came back from Middle East because of political violence. We had not any business in Bangladesh.
 We were facing miserable situation. We need money for my universities tuition fees, our livelihood, my younger brother and sister’s academic expense. We had not any bank balance.
My parents tried to hide this sorrows form us. But I felt that we are swimming in middle of sea. We could not see any light house.
After 3 months later, I got jobs as data entry operator with little salary although I was student of computer science. My intention was get jobs at any cost. I worked hard and I stopped university study. Because, I was totally unable to bear university cost. Day was really harder to harder to me. Because it was my first jobs and I had to work more than 11 hours in a day as company’s rules.
I cannot express that miserable situation in typing word. My parents were so much frustrated belongs to remind our future. I am working hard but this work was not enough to bear my family’s expense. My father also searched suitable jobs or business. But he was totally unable to get any opportunity.
16 September 2012:
 This day is very important to me. Because,  I introduced with a web site. This site changed me and my family’s economic, social condition. One of my friend tell me function of  I was very much interested and I took it seriously. I have to change my family’s condition. I have read all terms and condition of this site. Finally, I have registered. I have fulfilled my profile as much as I can. I read different freelancer profile also.
10 days later, I applied of a project. It was data entry related jobs. I also applied few project frequently. But I did not get any response. I talked to my friends; he suggested me for making attractive profile and took some test in this site. I took a free exam and I got pass marks. It gives me confident.
After office work, I checked my account. But I did not get any response from buyer. I was trying to get jobs in But it was difficult to me as new freelancer.
15 October 2010,
I got a message for a buyer. The rate was $20. I was very happy. I tried my level best to full fill buyer requirement. 15 days later. I got my first payment for that buyer. Amount was very small , but this amount gives me lots of strength for surviving. I worked hard to harder to continue office work and buyer work.
1 January 2011,
I focused that I have completed couple of work and my profile is looking cool. But I need to specialize in a specific sector. I tried to learn SEO. I searched training center. But I could not find practical based SEO training center. Finally I decided to learn SEO by using Internet resource. It was not so hard to me to learn SEO as I am computer science student. At first , I implemented my seo work in my personal web site . This work made me confident and I can see my efficiency of seo.
3 March 2011,
I bid for SEO work. In this time, I was lucky. I got my first seo related jobs within short time. It was a big challenge to me to do this job efficiently and complete on time.
10 June 2012 To Cont’d
My hard work is still continuing. Now, I am very much self confident, I can bear all financial expenses. My younger sister and brother are going to school. I am going to complete my B. Sc in computer Science and  blessed my family and my carrier. Now I have a personal freelancing office. I am dreaming that this office will be next IT destination form Bangladeshi people. I would like to spear my knowledge.