Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sample survey format in the firld of freelancing

freelancing is very much common in the world, people are not looking jobs office to office , they are doing their jobs via online,
for this reason , i made a sample of freelancing survey.
if you need more, i will provide survey gradually

Topic Name: Which variables effect more on the field of Freelancing in Bangladesh.
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1. Which market place are you working?
.How many days it take for getting first jobs?
3. How many hours you work for ongoing project?
(N.B: please mark check box for your desiring answer)
4.Your speaking, writing , listening and reading level in English is :
Ans:  1.Excellent           2. Good              3. Average          4. Poor
6.Did you complete any professional course regarding your job sector?
Ans:   1.Yes                  2. No

7. are you satisfied with IT Infrastructure in Bangladesh?

Ans: 1. Yes                 2. No   
8.In Bangladesh , price of bandwidth is bit high  from others country:
Ans: 1. Agree            2. Disagree               3. No comment
9.What is your payment method for getting money form marketplace?
Ans: 1. Paypal          2. Moneybookers          3. MasterCard          4. Check
10. Should government change foreign currency transaction rules as early as possible?
Ans: 1. Yes                   2. No
11. In Bangladesh, Technical or training center is not enough, what is your opinion regarding this issue?
Ans: 1. Agree             2. Disagree   

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