Friday, January 20, 2012

percentage error

Percentage error

, it is a special kind of error, we know that there are three types of error.
They are 1.absolute error, 2.relative error, and 3.percentage error.
Basically, percentage error depends on above 2 error, if we would like to calculate it.

For finding percentage error, it is 100 times of relative error. Equation goes to Ep=100*Er
How can we calculate percentage error?
We already mentain that we have to calculate absolute error and relative error first for calculating percentage error.
1st step:
 we have to calculate absolute error first. Equation for absolute error is ,
 Ea=X-X1=  I X-X1 I       Here, X is true value and X1 is approximation value
 2nd step:
After finding absolute error , we have to find relative error. The equation for relative error is,
 Er=Ea/X Here, X is true value

3rd step:
Now we may able to calculate percentage error, because we already found absolute error and relative error. These value is relavant with percentage errors. The equation for percentage error is ,
 Ep=100* Er Finally, we would like to say that it is easy to calculate percentage error. But it takes some time to get appropiate values. We have to be patient when we would like to do this type of matematics.

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